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Push Pin World Travel Maps
Push Pin World Travel Maps

Push Pin World Travel Maps

Document your travels with our great new collection of Personalised Push Pin World Travel Maps Art, choose from more than 30 great maps such as our Aventuras Colourful World Travel Maps each comes with its own set of push pins that can be added to the artwork to show your journeys.


Choose from more than 30 great Push Pin World Travel Maps Art, we have Map Art for the World, Europe & the USA, all can be 100% customised adding family names, travel routes and personalised messages and words. These Travel Maps with Pins are available a variety of sizes and colour schemes and are available for a large number of different Maps. The World Map Pinboards are the latest trend in home decor for 2018 and make a great gift to document the travels of your family or partner. The maps aren’t currently available as corkboard maps however the Stretched Canvas Print or Framed versions work fine for pinpointing your adventures. Browse more than 30 great pinboard artworks online.



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Black & White Photography

Black & White Photography

There is a resurgence in the fame of high contrast photography. The fresh and clean tones with its examples, shapes and lines bid to many sharp picture takers, workmanship sweethearts and property holders alike. Highly contrasting returns to the simple starting points of photography; it is straightforward and consistent with itself. No conspicuous energized hues to act as a burden and mislead the eye. It's craft in the majority of its wonder, plain and basic. From the profound dull most extravagant blacks to the fresh spotless clear whites, it recounts a story that asks the eye to attract nearer and find the genuine story underneath the surface.


This is the manner in which photography started in its actual shape before the design of shading pictures. These prints with their testy greys and deep off whites are a notice of what an extraordinary print should resemble. Before the affected special lady of shading came into the affray this is the thing that picture takers used to pass on feeling and emotions. These days we see a splendid blue and white mists and miss surfaces and feelings, light and the nonappearance of light that this photograph would have passed on had it been in highly contrasting.


It has been said that there is something significantly attractive about high contrast photography that you can't get from shading. I immovably trust this is valid. When you expel the shading from a photograph it resembles stripping a scene down to the no-frills evacuating the layers and surfaces and leaving only the frame.


What precisely is Black and white photography?


Early plates and movies had restricted affectability to longer (red) wavelengths of light and create a specific translation of the subject, later movies had a substantially more even reaction to hues (panchromatic) that prompted an alternate look out and out. The contrasting science and assembling forms utilized by different makers brought about various movies creating unobtrusively extraordinary versions of a similar scene. These little subtleties were regularly novel to specific makers and gave extraordinary character to the completed work.


It was anyway immediately found that including a shaded channel before the focal point caused a major change in the general look of the picture. A model would be that by adding a red channel to a photo of the sky cut out a portion of the blue light while letting in the red segment of the white light from the mists. This brought about the picture showing darker skies which added accentuation to the mists giving them surface and profundity. Other progressively complex employment of hued channels enabled similarly shocking changes to be made with the tones of human skin and blossoms. Each photo would differ contingent upon what film was utilized, what channels and where the picture was created.

Six hints for taking incredible high contrast photographs

Practice … a great deal!


The speciality of taking a decent high contrast photograph is to figure out how to see the world without shading. They have prepared their psyche to get difference and tone while shutting out diverting hues around them. This isn't an ability that you can get in a short measure of time and accompanies a lot of training. An incredible aspect concerning computerized photography is that you can take the same number of photographs as you like at that point erase freely. Try not to be reluctant to try.


Concentrate on the complexity

Dark and white photography is about the dark, the white, and every one of the tones in the middle. The human eye is developed to pick two things: light power and shading. When you evacuate the shading, your eyes turn out to be considerably more touchy to the force of the light. Our eyes normally choose regions of difference; it's the means by which we figure out what objects are. As a monochromatic picture taker, your definitive goal is to pass on a point utilizing shades of dark. Use complexity to show what's critical and so forth. Figure out how to search out scenes that show indications of high complexity normally, thusly your dark and white photographs will be all the more convincing promptly.

When handling a dark and white picture after it has been taken, the utilization of Photoshop strategies, for example, levels, bends, and layer mixes give you a wide assortment of yield alternatives. Photoshop will likewise give you a chance to include any channels that you would have ever imagined if utilizing with a camera previously.


Focus on the surface

The canvas surface is extremely simply one more type of complexity anyway it is seen in an unexpected way. In all actuality surface is the standard or unpredictable (as the case possibly) example of shadows and features at different powers. Dark and white photography truly fits surface since shading, for the most part, includes another layer of multifaceted nature, in this way covering the most unobtrusive surfaces. In high contrast, these diversions are stripped away. Workmanship is about surfaces and shape.


Catch the Picture in shading

As referenced before, numerous cameras permit shooting in highly contrasting in any case If your camera gives you the alternative of shooting in shading or dark and white, any way you ought to dependably dodge this as you are losing a lot of what highly contrasting photography is about. The camera is truly catching shading, at that point changing over it into dark and white. Photoshop (or comparable) can complete a vastly improved activity of this shading change, notwithstanding including significantly greater adaptability on the yield of the last picture. It's astounding how extraordinary a photograph can look entirely dependent on the post-preparing stage; subsequently, it bodes well not to restrict you before the photograph even makes it out of the camera.


Use shading channels

Dark and white film picture takers make utilization of shading channels to change the tones in their photos. Most high contrast pictures that you see have utilized channels to accomplish impacts, for example, a dim sky with puffy white mists.

Albeit decreasingly normal, utilizing a shading channel with a computerized camera is impeccably satisfactory and now and again has clear advantages anyway it is never again essential. Computerized programming, for example, Photoshop can apply non-damaging shading channels. These channels will create a similar channel impact with a snap of a couple of catches. Isn't innovation incredible!